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Commissions and FAQ


How do I commission an illustration?

Simply send me an e-mail and I will be in touch to discuss your commission’s details, timescale and budget so that you can feel assured that work will progress according to your schedule.

How long does it take?

All Illustrations are delivered according to discussed deadlines that are unique for each project. I will be in touch throughout the creative process to keep you updated on your order.

What is your process when creating an illustration?

In order to make sure that I meet your vision of the final product , I will ensure from the start of our collaboration that you know what you’re getting. I’ll send you roughs to look over and select what you think works and doesn’t. After you approve the rough design, then I’ll get to work on the pencils. If your order needs to be inked, then you’ll approve the pencils before I start that to make sure no changes need to be made and so on. I want you to be perfectly happy with the final product, and have a great overall experience.

I see different artistic styles on your website- what can I expect?

I am a big believer in tailoring my artistic approach to suit the client, the brief and the target audience for the image. I believe as a freelance illustrator it is important that I get the right look for the artwork to achieve your goals. My approach and style will be largely dictated by your brief as well as any samples from my site you may wish to use as a visual reference.

Can I get the work as a layered artwork rather than a physical copy?

Yes of course. I will always provide a digital copy of my work and master copies are always saved for future reference.

What kind of artwork can you do?

I am adept at a wide range of artistic techniques and styles, particularly:

Illustrations aimed at young adults and children, as my background in education allows me a great deal of insight in how to make artwork appeal to readers of all ages.

Narrative/Sequential artwork and comic book illustration. I have completed individual splash pages as well as sequential stories to a professional standard.

Character design, advertising illustrations, poster illustrations, editorial illustrations and storyboard artwork, among others.

What can I expect in terms of price?

Prices will of vary based on the brief, materials, size and circumstances of your unique order. A price will be agreed on prior to starting work on the commission.

Postage/Shipping of artwork will be agreed on prior to the completion of your order. There is no cost for digitally submitted artwork.

All clients will receive an invoice detailing methods of payment.

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